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The surroundings

Around you in a radius of 20 km:


Campo al Coccio A 30-meter range at the Campo al Coccio with excellent red wines such as "Campo al Coccio" made ​​with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and "Il Puntone" instead obtained with Merlot grapes and aged in oak barrels, and beside them the white field with coconut, an excellent Vermentino grapes.

BottegaioAt 30 meters, as 60 years ago on Monday morning at 8:30 comes the "bottegaio" (shopkeeper) with his van selling food to those in the countryside do not have time to shop... and so on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday at 10 comes the "panaio" (baker) with fresh bread.

San-Giuseppe-Opifex-delle-GrottineAt 200 meters as the crow flies from the window of your room, on the Via Bolgherese, the small church of "San Giuseppe Opifex delle Grottine", where every Sunday during July and August, at 8:30, we celebrate the Holy Mass, as 50 years ago. 

Viale-dei-cipressiAt 4 km the cypress avenue famous for its beauty as well as for the poem "In front of San Guido" by Carducci. The avenue leading to the small village ofBolgheri, where it always magical atmosphere of an ancient medieval village you can find typical restaurants and wine shops.

Castagneto-CarducciAt 5 km Castagneto Carducci, the capital. The town dates back to 1000 and you can still visit the old town, the streets of the castle and taste local products castagnetani in the various restaurants.

Mercato-DonoraticoAt 5 km Donoratico, the latest village. Here there are shops and supermarkets. On Thursday, Via Aurelia on the market is held weekly.

Oasi-di-BolgheriAt 7 Km Oasi di Bolgheri WWF, the first oasis of Italy was founded in 1959 and visited from October to May on Friday and Saturday by appointment.

Spiaggia-Marina-di-Castagneto-CarducciAt 7 km the beautiful beach of Marina di Castagneto Carducci. 12 km of beaches with huge fine sand and more gravel to the south to the north. It 'the only stretch of beach on the Tyrrhenian coast expansion and get the recognition for 16 consecutive years of Blue Flag.

Golfo-di-BarattiAt 20 Km Populonia and its archaeological parkthat overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Baratti. 

Terme-il-CalidarioA 20 Km, Venturina "the Baths of Etruscan Calidario". Hot water at 36 ° to relax in the cooler days.