Dallolivo is a small farm located in the beautiful Etruscan Coast Wine Route, one of the most precious and beautiful in Tuscany.
It was 1952 when Primo Cavallini, a native of Montescudaio, he moved with his family in Bolgheri. This was the place where they all start to produce extra virgin olive oil.

Even today, passion, perseverance and dedication are just some of the requirements that characterize the work of Cavallini and family, passed down from generation to generation has brought the product to obtain quality certification in 2009 IGP Toscano.
Nevertheless, the ambitions of Primo are very different. The company wants to grow, and that is why I decided to finally give life to an old project: to create a farm.

In 2010 it was the renovation of an old farm building that led to the birth of two new apartments available to customers starting in March 2011.