The extra virgin olive oil is extracted exclusively from Dallolivo quality olives that are harvested leccino mill and farm in the period from mid-October to late November.
The collection is mostly done by hand and with the help of shakers that make the olives fall on special sheets.

It 's just with these fresh olives, taken to the mill for cold pressing within 7 hours of collection, you get the extra virgin olive Dallolivo.
It 'an excellent product that occurs at the sight of a deep green color. Its aroma is intense with Mediterranean herbs and appeals to the taste is broad, balanced and very persistent. Every year it produces about 1500 liters.
It is stored in stainless steel tanks at a temperature no lower than 10 degrees.

Is not filtered to best ensure its naturalness.
Since 2009, the oil has been certified as Toscano IGP.

Oil production of 2018.



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